Dr. Lam’s Coaching Survey Results

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH; Dorine Lam, RDN, MS, MPH

Statistics on our Coaching Survey ResultsAt DrLam.com, we are frequently asked “Does Dr. Lam’s nutritional program actually work?”, “What percentage of your clients shows improvement?” and other similar questions. We’ve never had actual statistics to quantify our work until now. Based on a random sampling of our clients (N=40), we are excited to share some technical details on how well our program is working and show the survey results.

All 40 of the clients in our survey suffered from fatigue. While we help with other issues on a case-by-case basis, the survey results below are related to our clients who suffer from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome specifically and that was the only prerequisite for participating to our survey, whether or not the outcome of the survey results was good or bad. In an effort to provide our clients with a set of parameters regarding AFS we asked them a series of questions.

Survey Results

  1. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products did you get any relief in your AFS symptoms?
    YES: 95%
    NO: 5%
  2. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products, did you notice any increase in energy?
    YES: 88%
    NO: 12%
    85% of respondents claimed that they felt an increase in energy with the start of Dr Lam‘s dietary supplements products.As AFS presents with a multitude of symptoms that isn‘t standard across the board – as each sufferer has a combination of symptoms but don‘t necessarily share the same symptoms with other sufferers – the survey results are still quite favorable.
  3. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products have you noticed any improvements in sleep?
    YES: 70%
    NO: 30%
  4. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products, did you feel better overall?
    YES: 88%
    NO: 12%
  5. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products, did you feel less stressed or have a better ability to handle stress?
    YES: 80%
    NO: 20%
  6. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products, do you feel any improvements in peace and tranquility?
    YES: 70%
    NO: 30%
  7. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products, do you feel less tired in the early to late afternoons?
    YES: 70%
    NO: 30%
  8. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products, do you feel less affected by anxiety?
    YES: 70%
    NO: 30%
  9. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products, do you feel that when stressful situations occur you feel less stressed out?
    YES: 65%
    NO: 35%
  10. After you started taking Dr. Lam‘s products, do you feel more mentally alert or that you have less brain fog?
    YES: 78%
    NO: 22%

70% of our clients noticed an improvement in sleep after starting Dr Lam’s dietary supplement products. Again, it’s important to note that difficulty sleeping isn’t always present in each AFS sufferer. Still, a high percentage found their sleep patterns had improved. 80% of the respondents either felt less stress or had a better ability to handle stress, or both. As you follow the results down the line, you’ll see that even if this symptom wasn’t present in AFS sufferers, it was still a measurement that showed improvement.

We used a variety of questions to assess just how well equipped our respondents would be to answer our survey questionnaire, building a sort of testing comprehension in with an assessment of supplements and symptoms. If our clients don’t understand their AFS, how can they possible know if they’re getting better?

Survey results can take time to gather100% of the respondents felt Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome was thoroughly explained by Dr. Lam and his staff. Likewise, 100% were discouraged in their own efforts for self-treatment. In an age in which there is plenty of frustration with the American healthcare system (recent polls show only 69% of Americans are satisfied with their healthcare), Dr. Lam’s nutritional counseling program was rated at an efficiency/convenience percentage of 98%. Additionally, 95% of the respondents found positive results from Dr. Lam’s nutritional coaching program and would recommend him to anyone suffering from AFS.

Our next step will be to examine how Dr. Lam’s supplement products and advising help with managing the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress ResponseSM and how recovery from AFS affects the overall systems involved with the NEM stress response including the detoxification, metabolic, inflammatory, cardionomic, hormonal, and neuroaffective systems. If AFS recovery is successful, recovery from an imbalance in the NEM stress response should also be successful. We look forward to exploring the success of NEM stress response balance on overall health and wellness including energy levels, sleep management, sugar cravings and GI health.

Survey results