To combat gum disease and related bad breath

Q: With reference to gum disease, which can be related to bad breath, a dentist recommended that I use a mouth wash which contained ‘Thymol’ as the first active ingredient. Listerine and some of the drug company knock offs seem to have it under their house label. I have concluded it does make a significant difference over the alcohol and flavor types. Also, I have always read that Coq10 at a high mg dosage (100 mg) is effective in preventing gum disease and personally I have always found those ‘little round between the teeth brushes’ to be helpful in the ongoing battle. It is an issue for me that I continually work on as I am now 71. And I have been told that it seems to go with the terrain. Of course the payoff is no dentures. I’m healthy and happy. But I do spend most of my waking hours on body and mind maintenance. And no one seems to mention that aspect of getting old.

A: There is no question that dental health is the number one cause of infection in our body. If you keep your mouth clean, studies have shown that the chances of you getting heart attack is much decreased. Removing root canals (pockets of infection) and mercury almagams (reduces immunity) are especially critical. These have all been scientifically proven. The best mouth wash is actually diluted hydrogen peroxide, and yes, CoQ10 is excellent for gum health. I also recommend you take some activated carbon and swish it around your mouth with some water and that will absorb the toxins in the mouth. When you then swallow it, it will help to chelate the metals from the GI track. The three actions above cost only pennies a day and works miraculously. Give it a try. If you have the know-hows, it is easy to keep healthy without spending too much money.