When I feel tired and drained and having a hard time breathing.

Q: When I feel tired and drained, I have noticed that it starts feeling like I am having a hard time breathing. My doctors say everything is structurally sound with my lungs, and they cannot find any allergies. Could it be that my adrenals are weak?

A: Sounds like you may have symptoms associated with autonomic nervous system dysfunction which is common as the body weakens. It is often associated with irregular heart rate, panic attack, anxiety, insomnia. High performance individuals, whose body is constantly in sympathetic overtone and is addicted to that mode, exercise may increase this. This can often be reversed with lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments and nutritional supplementation that are dosed properly. Read my article Adrenal Exhaustion and pay attention to the section on sympathetic overtone to get the background of the body’s demands at this time.