Will I Be Able to Treat Myself if I Buy Your New Book?

Q: Will I be able to treat myself if I buy your new book?

A: I have listed in my book many nutrients and protocols that will support adrenal health. Many are good for early stage adrenal fatigue. However, if your weakness is advanced, simply taking supplements may backfire and make things worse. Why? You have to, because in advanced cases, the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients is often compromised. This is frequently overlooked. If the body cannot completely break down the nutrients, their by-products may accumulates and build up, and may result in symptoms such as joint pain, fatigue, headache, brain fog, frequent infection, insomnia, and increasing estrogen dominance, among others. You may be taking the best nutrients but find yourself worse off.

The lesson to learn is that you should support the body what it needs at the right time. The right thing done at the wrong time is not beneficial. One person’s nutrient can be another person’s toxin. In some cases, you may not be taking a lot of nutrients, but if your body is a sensitive one, you may react negatively as well. So it is a tricky situation. Advanced adrenal weakness is full of challenges.

I try to alert people so that they can be more careful when they self-navigate by clearly warning them of this in my book, because we help many through telephone nutritional coaching who have overdone it. They continue to suffer despite their best efforts. Normally a well-designed adrenal support program can see significant results in a short time. If you have been taking nutrients that are supportive of adrenal health but not finding positive results, be on the alert for this pitfall.