Unconventional Ways: How To Let Things Go

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH; Justin Lam, ABAAHP, FMNM; Carrie Lam, MD

Among the most difficult things for us as human beings is learning how to let things go. In our daily lives, we continually have to free ourselves of worries – to ensure a future devoid of hindrances from the past.

Why Learn How to Let Things Go

how to let things go and be stress freeThere are different reasons for letting go. These may include repeated heartbreak by the same individual or lifestyle choices that have continually made you unhappy. Those suffering from adrenal fatigue are known to have continual stress. The constant bombardment of worry and not being able to let go of the need to control just makes their cases worse.

Chronic stress has shown to manifest itself in many NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) stress response symptoms, such as brain fog, hypoglycemia, heart palpitations, and anxiousness. It’s just as important to have a healthy mind as a healthy body.

Learning How to Let Things Go

That’s why it’s key to learn how to clear your anxiety. Anxiety is a mental stressor your body does not need during its recovery process. Letting go of things in your life is a great way to reduce stress. Sometimes the sheer thought of how to let things go may seem insurmountable though you can make it less intimidating if you approach it from a creative and efficient angle. These innovative and practical techniques will be different from the vague “get it off your mind and move on” approach. Here we outline unprecedented steps to guide you through how to let things go and living a life free of the burdens of the past.

Strategies for How to Let Things Go

Burn your troubles

Jot down all the troubles you may be facing onto a piece of paper, bunch the paper into a ball and toss all your troubles into the fire. Say “goodbye” to your troubles. Do not allow them to control your life. Though this idea may seem out right unreasonable, the total sense of closure experienced after burning your concerns is quite incredible. Due to the mere knowledge that no one else might read whatever you write down, this process gives you confidence enough to write down thoughts you would never have uttered to anyone, not even the people closest to you. The key to success in this process is connecting all your troubles and sorrows into the ball of paper you toss into the fire, and henceforth choosing to move on.


how to let things go through songJot down lyrics using your own words and expressions, then sing your own song. Find some time for yourself and space to be alone; sing without thinking of the presence of any listeners. This process in not at all dependent on talent, and lyrics must be about you moving on from your troubles toward a better future. Making your song cheesier acts as a great mood lifter since every time you sing your song you will be more inclined to smile and laugh. Associate your song to happier thoughts and alternatives to the troubles you face.

Flip a coin

Make a game out of flipping a coin; associate flipping the coin to a result you desire. You could associate heads to how to let things go and tails to moving on. Associate none of the faces to a negative result, since none of your desires are negative. Play the game physically and mentally. Though this may sound odd, the results of playing this game are quite rewarding. It takes the pressure of this decision off of you.

Watch and get inspiration

Pick a comfortable spot filled with strangers, such as the park and watch as people mill around. While watching the other people, always remember that each and every one of them is living out their lives and are the sole deciders and narrators of their life stories. They each have choices, struggles, troubles and ideas at that particular moment. Remember everyone has their dark times and their high times – just the same as you – and that you are not alone in your troubles. Since everyone else also experiences pain, we all strive to pick ourselves up and move on.

Narrate to yourself a horrifying story

Tell yourself the result of the path to which you are striving so hard to avoid. Picture the worst case scenario possible to your alternatives. Imagine the sadness, pain and heartache you would have endured twenty years down the line had you stayed on with that person who continually broke your heart.

Think of how much more life this individual would have drained from you in later years had you given the relationship all your attention. Picturing the worst possible scenario shows you an entirely new perspective and helps you be grateful for your current situation.

Positive thinking

Think about all the marvelous things happening around you and those you might not even know. At this exact point and moment in life, there is probably another person going through the same troubles and struggles as you. The only exception being that the other person has accepted the situation and is moving on. These thought processes should inspire you towards freeing your mind.

Get lost with a group of friends

Ensure you carry a functional GPS device when trying to get lost. Trying to force yourself to get lost may prove quite difficult; in fact, it may be harder than trying to find your way back after you successfully lose yourself. This process helps your mind to learn ways to deal with situations outside your comfort zone and be spontaneous. Knowing how to let things go and actually letting go are situations outside our normal thought process and comfort zone.

Brain dump

how to let things go unconventionallyCreate a blog that is private and earnestly write about the issues troubling you. Read what you wrote, and then delete it all. This process requires you to be open and hold nothing back. Similar to the paper ball process, the blogging process helps you to let go of your troubles. Ensure that you attach all your troubles to whatever you have written before finally deleting them away.

Reminder charm

Choose an object easy to carry around – like a foreign coin. Every time you feel like your troubles are dragging you down or pulling at you, hold on to your charm and channel all the troubling thoughts from your brain to the charm. Imagination is an incredible tool, and you could achieve unimaginable wonders through proper use of your imagination.

Conclusion: Situation Possible

Finally, act on one or all these ideas and processes to allow yourself to be unaffected by worries. Reading about these tools is the easy part; you now have to take the next step and start putting the processes into action. Take our advice and implement them. When you control your mindset and are able to let go of your worries, your body will have an easier time healing from adrenal fatigue and chronic stress.

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