I am on vacation but I crash when I get home?

Q: Why do I feel fine when I am on vacation but I crash when I get home?

A: What you experience is quite common. When you are on vacation, several things usually happen. Most people have a sense of relaxation time and this is a welcomed event for the body if you are in adrenal fatigue. However, a vacation that is burdened by a lot of stressful events, including travel, poor eating activities, and over-exertion can have the opposite effect. If this is the case then the body’s hormones are put on overdrive while you are on vacation. More energy reserve is withdrawn from the body to sustain you through the vacation period. You will not feel anything bad. However, when you get home, and then usually within a few days after arriving home, a crash begins. This kind of “borrowed time crash” occurs frequently. That is why it is very important to watch yourself when you are on vacation even though you feel good from the time off of your regular routine. The tendency is to overdo things and this is a common recovery mistake.