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Can you please tell me how to figure out the number of calories I need to have to lose weight?

The following formula will help you figure out how many calories you need to maintain your weight. To lose 1 lb a week, you need to take 500 calories less or increase your activity level by 500 calories each day.
To maintain one’s weight, the following formula can be used:
10 Calories per pound of desirable body weight if the person is sedentary or if they are very obese.
13(m) / 12 (f) Calories per pound of desirable body weight for low activity level, or after the age of 55 years.
15 (m) / 13.5 (f) Calories per pound of desirable body weight for moderate activity.
17 (m) /15 (f) Calories per pound of desirable body weight for strenuous activity.
Activity levels:
Strenuous activity: Participation in vigorous physical activity for 60 minutes or more at least 4 to 5 days per week.
Moderate activity: Participation in physical activity like swimming, jogging, or fast walking, 30 to 60 minutes each time.
Low activity: No planned, regular physical activity; occasional weekend or weekly activity is the only type of physical activity (like golf or recreational tennis).

What is my daily calorie intake? I am a 32 year old white female. My height is 5 feet 7 inches and I weigh 128 lbs. I am in fairly good health.

Here is what you need:
10 Calories per pound of desirable body weight if the person is sedentary or if they are very obese.
13 Calories per pound of desirable body weight for low activity level, or after the age of 55 years.
15 Calories per pound of desirable body weight for moderate activity.
18 Calories per pound of desirable body weight for strenuous activity.

I have been overweight since my first pregnancy. Before that Iwas very small. I had a horrible 1st pregnancy. High blood pressure and my body did nothing on its own to have the baby so I had a c-section. I have dieted so many times and I could not even lose a pound. This has been going on for 17 yrs. Other than my weight my life is perfect. I do try to exercise but being about 70 pounds overweight, I usually end up with something hurting. I am so embarrassed to go out in public I am so afraid to see someone I used to know when I was thin. My family Dr. told me to do a protein only diet of 800 calories and I tried it and after about 3 days I was so light headed I could not walk. I am only big in my pregnant area – stomach-breast-face. I still have my bird legs. I have always had regular periods but horrible cramps. I do have at least 1 small cyst on my ovary. No matter how hard I try – and I have tried very hard I can not even see 1 pound drop off. What about coushing disease? If you have any advice I would love to hear it from you. I am 44 yrs old now and would love to be able to tuck my shirt in one more time in this life time. Thank you in advance.

I can sympathize with your plight. Weight loss is one of the most difficult things to do. Most people fail because they try to do it too fast and do not have a thorough understanding of the mechanics behind obesity. It took you years to put on the weight gradually. Therefore, you must plan to loose your weight gradually, no more than 1/2 a week, and allow some rebounding to occur. Dont forget that obesity is an addiction, much like to coffee or heroin. The difference is that the society approves of it. Inside the body, you crave food as signals from your brain can overwhelm your logic of refrain. The good news is that it can be overcome, and those who plan to do it over 1 -2 years generally have good results, while those who desire quick result usually fail. Now let us get down to the nitty gritty, so to say. Your 70 pounds overweight can be shed permantly. Plan to just shed 25 pounds over the next 12 months, or 2 pounds a month, or half pound per week.
Let us see how:
The main thing about losing weight is to creat an imbalance of output more than input. Gradual weight loss (1-2 lbs a week) will ensure success in the long run.
These are the ways of increasing output:
Increase physical activities – it has been shown that exercise 10 mins at a time, 2-3 times a day actually has the same effects as lengthy exercise. So walk about for 10 mins after a meal. Try to park far away from the supermarket entrance, and walk there. Do some gardening works. Walk your pet, etc.
These are ways to reduce input:
1) cut down on sugary and fatty foods.
2) Cut down on breads and potatoes
3) Increase vegetables, salads and fruits
4) Increase in drinking water – minimum you must drink 10 glasses a day.
Now my recommendations, each time I add a new recommendation on top of the previous week(s). If you need more time between each week(s) to adjust to the new items. Feel free to extend it for another week.
Week 1 & 2: cut sugar, dessert, cookies, cakes, soft drinks by 1/2. Take them only during the day time. Do not take them after 6 pm.
Take a 10 mins walk after each meal.
Increase water intake to 6 cups
Increase vegetables or salads by 1 serving (1 cup cooked, 1 cup green salad)
Week 3 & 4: cut down fats and fried foods by 1/2. Trim all visible fats from the meats.
Increase water intake to 8 cups
Increase vegetables or salads by 1 serving (1 1/2 cup cooked, 1-2 cups green salad)
Week 5 & 6: Cut sugar, dessert, cookies, cakes soft drinks by another 1/2.
Limit the intake during the day time. Do not take them after 6 pm.
Increase water intake to 9 cups
Make sure you have at least 2 whole fruits a day. (Take fruits before the meals, only at breakfast or lunch, Do not eat fruits at night).
Week 7 & 8: Cut your bread, pasta, potatoes intake by 1/2. Use more whole grain products, not processed food (rolled oats, millet, barley, wheat berries)
Take all kinds of vegetables and salads
Increase water intake to 10 cups
Week 9 & 10: Make your dinner the lightest meal or make sure that you allow 3 hours for digestion before going to sleep.
Cut down your meat intake to 1/2 (your serving sizes should not be more than 3-4 oz.)
Week 11 & 12: Congratulations! You have actually accomplished the following.
If you haven’t come to this stage, do so:
Small sizes of desserts 1 to 2 times a week.
Fried food 1 time a week.
1 slice of bread, 1 cup pasta or 1 medium potato a day.
At least 1 cup of vegetables per meal
At least 2 fruits a day
Walking 30 mins a day (10 mins after each meals)
Drinking at least 9 cups of water
Eating small portions of meat (3-4 oz for lunch / dinner)

How come your list and the one at:
http://www.ez-weightloss.com/ez-weightloss/articletypebbloodtype.html contradict each other with bananas, papaya, american cheese, blue cheese, ice cream, and maybe others? Which is correct?
How come olive is okay under fat and not okay under vegetable?

The Dairy Products listed in your suggested website below is incorrect. These are items not allowed in accordance to the Blood type diet formulated by Dr. D’ádamo
I listed the fruits: bananas, papaya as highly beneficial, while your suggested websites didn’t specify.
The Olive for fat is olive oil, which is highly beneficial for Type B Diet. The Olive for vegetable is the whole olives, it is not recommended because of the processing.
You may wish to verify with the author of the site you mentioned.

Indeed, I’ll certainly remember your advice as to yielding to the body and not fighting again it.
Today I did my cardio stress test, and it was a success. The cardiologist was pleased with it, also with my BP. There was no AF during the exercise and my BP was clocked at 120/70 B4 the test. She was impressed with the BP and is temporarily suspending the Norvasc (5mg) for now. Wow, I am as pleased as my diet seems to be working. I dropped 10 pounds down to 165 now, and it really helps, people say I am too skinny though. I used to be 175-178.
But it works well for my BP. Once again, thanks.

As your body weight reduces, your heart has a lighter load (like a car with less passengers to carry), and in effect you are giving your heart a rehab. At the same time, regularly stressing it in moderate level will gradually built up your heart mitochondria function and make is stronger. In other words, the weight reduction is like emptying your car from excessive baggage (like fat), and moderate exercise consistently is like internally rebuilding your engine. Of course taking the right supplements will further enhance your cardiac function and akin to putting premium gasoline into it. See it works together.
Just to make sure you are on the right track, here is the goal for your weight.
Target Anti-Aging Weight
Don’t forget that despite your best efforts, AF can reoccur and you have to take it with stride.

I’m a 34 year old woman with AB blood type. My husband and I are considering getting pregnant next year. I’m about 15lbs. overweight. I’m 5’2″ @ 145lbs. I recently joined a gym and am trying to eat more healthfully. Do you think the AB diet recommendations will assist with weight loss? Reason I’m asking is because I’m also considering participating in the Jenny Craig weight loss plan. However, I won’t if I’ll get the weight loss benefit from this particular diet. I generally eat pretty healthy and already know alot about nutrition; my main problem is eating late and going to bed and too much ice cream.

You are actually about 25-35 lbs over your ideal body weight, depending on your frame size. Losing 1-6-2 lbs a week will take you about 4-6 months to lose it.
The Type AB Diet maybe helpful. I would like to emphasize the following:
It is very important to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. So do not eat a late dinner. If you have to eat, eat salads or vegetables.
Cut down about 50% of what you are eating now in protein and starch. Increase your vegetables and green salad intake.
Do not eat fruits or starch or desserts at night.
Consider freezing fresh fruits (mango, orange, banana, melons, berries), if you crave for ice cream, take these frozen fruits out, put them in a blender, blend it up and they become a very delicious dessert.
I would like to recommend you a balanced nutritional supplements program in addition. So while your intake is down, you know that your cells are well nourished. When your cells are well nourished, your craving will be down also. The first three months, you should take the Weight Loss Program. After that you should maintain on Advanced or Ultimate Nutritional Supplements Program. These will prepare your body to be well nourished for pregnancy next year.

I have over the past few years (maybe five or more) tried to eliminate all the items that are recommended in the detoxification and weight loss program. I love to exercise, combining step aerobics, aerobics, weight training etc. However I have hardly lost much weight. I have floated around 1401bs throughout this period. I was hoping that I would lose weight in my hips thighs etc. with some reduction in the visible signs of cellulite, but this has not been the case. I must admit however that the only snag is that I hardly drink water except when I exercise.
My questions are
1. Is this my ideal weight?
2. What can I do differently?

Your ideal weight can be easily calculated by visiting the following site: Ideal Bodyweight
Losing weight is a pure mathematical function. If you output is more than your input in terms of calories, you are going lose weight, whether you like it or not. Obviously, some calories are creeping in somewhere along the way. The most common is snacking, especially late at night. Drinking more water will definitely reduce your hunger urge.

HOW MANY GRAMS OF SUGAR SHOULD I CONSUME PER DAY? Or how much is the daily limit for woman?

Assuming you are talking about simple sugar. The best and ideal advice is not to use sugar at all. Sugar appears also in the form of fructose, honey, corn syrup, glucose, sorbitol, maltose, maltose extract. In your desserts, you are getting more than enough sugar. The sugar in a can of soft drink is 9-12 tsp. The rule of thumb is to take only 1 sweet thing a day whether they are candy, cakes, cookies, pop drinks.

What a great website! It truly is a service. Thank you so much for putting up. It’s been very helpful planning my CR.I really would appreciate your input in trying to plan my CR. I think I’m doing everything right but I just can get to ideal weight.
I am male 47 years old, 6’1”, 218-220 lbs, a vegetarian and marathon runner (I’ve run 3).
A typical day’s calorie intake is:
Breakfast: (at 6:00am) Low carb/high protein bar (230 cals) and a tangerine or single packet of instant oatmeal (130 cals)
Lunch: (at 11:30 am) Low fat canned soup. Never more than 250 calories in the can and a piece of fruit. Afternoon snack: (at 2:00pm) Another low carb/high protein bar (230cals) or Low carb high protein drink (100 cals) Dinner (5:00pm) Large salad with tofu and low cal dressing OR vegetables and tofu sautéed in olive oil 500-750 calories. Pizza once a month.
Snack: If dinner is closer to 500 calories, I’ll have a small piece of cheese or fruit
Now: Run 2 days a week 2-3 miles (20-25 minutes) and a long run 7-10 miles on Saturday, during non training weeks. During training running: increase to 15-20 weekday miles and a long run that increases from 10-20 miles over a 15 week period.
Gym 2 days a week, lift arms and shoulders one day, lift chest and back the other. Walk regularly and am otherwise active
1 hour of TV per weekday, maybe 2 hours on weekends
Is sedentary. I sit most of the day.
Multi-vitamin, 800 units vitamin E, saw palmetto, selenium, calcium, l-carnitine and chromium picolinate.
I’ve thought of trying DHEA or HGH or one of the other “fountain of youth” supplements out there. Before I go there I am hoping that you can help.
Am I not getting enough exercise?
Is tofu and other soy based protein an adequate substitute for meat, fish or poultry? I ask because I truly have been following the 30/90 rule for some months now. My diet consists mostly if vegetables and tofu. Do I need to give up my vegetarian lifestyle to achieve ideal weight?
Is there anything else you can suggest?

Looking at your program, you are eating about 1300 calories a day. And with that you should lose about 2 lbs a week. Do not loose more than 2 lbs a week. I would prefer you go slower and actually lose only 1 lb a week. Your diet is lacking greatly in vegetables. You should eat at least 1/2 green leafy cooked vegetables a day, and 1 1/2 cup of other vegetables beside the salad. Fruits should be 2-3 servings. I would also recommend taking more whole grain products rather than depending on the low carb/protein bars which is good intermittently.
How much water are you drinking? With 30% protein intake, it is quite taxing on the kidney. So it is important to drink 8-10 glasses a day.
During intensive training for marathon, high carbohydrates loading is recommended to replenish the glycogen store. What you are taking now is very low in carbohydrates.
The exercise program is quite balanced. I would suggest that you pay more attention in your weight lifting on the larger muscle groups which can increase growth hormone when exercised. Since you are a marathon runner, you must make sure you take extra antioxidant due to the increased oxidative stress during training and runs. I am taking about at least 1000 mg of C, 400 IU of vitamin E etc etc. You need an optimum of 40+ items. Here is a list for your study Men’s ODA
Based on your age, your hormonal system is already in decline. For a sedentary person, consideration shouold be given to commence some form of natural hormonal enhancement. To do it scientifically, get some blood done by your doctor as baseline. Get IGF1 level for grwoth hormone measurement, DHEA-sulfate level, and testosterone level. These tests are not cheap.
DHEA is better for female than male due to the metabolic pathway. Androstendione is better for male as it convers more into testosterone which is what you want. Althernatively, take 50 mg to 100 mg of zinc a day for 3 months. I personally will not consider any hormonal enhancement at this time based on what you wrote because at your age and with your physical activity, it is likely that your hormonal level is quite well balanced. You can probably wait a year or two. Dont jump into it.
As far as tofu is concern, it is a good protein source, but I would recommend using varieties of legumes (kidney beans, navy beans, garbanzos), nuts and seeds. These will give you more varieties. It is good to take more varieties of vegetables rather than salad all the time. Salad is high in water, but low in nutrients. Add broccoli, carrots, cauliflowers to your salads.When you take the instant oatmeal, I would recommend adding egg or nuts or seeds with it. Is it convenient to have a better breakfast and lunch, metabolism goes up with a good breakfast.

I am A positive and weigh around 100kilos and I am 178cm. Most people tell me that I am fat and some have gone as far as to say that I am obese. I have been reading your book and I would like to know how many type A’s aleady had similar diets. For example, I don’t like coconut or milk or many of the things you have listed, I haven’t eaten meat for many years and don’t drink or smoke. I am in my menopause and possibly cannot lose the weight because of it. Is it possible for a menopausal weight gain to lose it on this diet?

Losing weight has little to do with Blood Type A or menopausal phase of life. The blood type diet gives you some diet tips of things to take or avoid if you wish to optimise your health. Until you get to the optimization level (by achieving your target body weight. (100 lbs for 60 inchese of height + 5 pounds for every inch above 60 inches in height) , the key is to stay focus on cutting out the grains . You are already on a low meat diet. Grains such as rice, potato, and fried foods and processed foods are your number 1 concern.
Your weight came on through the years, and you must go slowly in your weight loss. Budget one year to accomplish your goal, and follow my detox diet plan: Detox Diet step by step.
I think you are smart to write and I am glad you take enough interest in yourself. Congradulations as you start the New Year, and let us work to have a good ending for this year. Look towards Dec and not March for your goal. Rome was not build in one day!

I would like to lose some weight. I would like to know what kind of medication I should take. I am concerned about certain medications? I would like to know what would happen after I lose the weight and stop taking the medications. I would also like to know if any of this type of medications can cause heart diseases or any type of diseases. I want to be really careful about any medications that I can take. It would be really helpful if you can send me some information.

Losing weight is not easy. Medications are available but that has to be conducted under the supervision of a physican due to side effects. Over the counter type diet pills and supplements comes in many different kinds. The ones you should be careful of are those containing Ma-huang and epredrine. Both are stimulants have been linked to cardiac problems, especially for those who are weak or have a sensitive heart. The best way to lose weight is by reducing food intake gradually and exercise. Here is my detoxificaiton weight loss program that works provided that you do it slowly. Do not attempt to loose more than 1/2 to 1 lb a week. The key is to be consistent.
Here is my protocol: Detox Diet