World’s Life Expectancy Compared to U.S.

Worlds life expectancy vs US life expectancyThere has been a thorough study carried out for the past twenty years that more people died because of cancer and world’s life expectancy increased as well. During this time life expectancy hasn’t changed in America.

This survey was carried out by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, an organization that deals with health studies supported financially by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from University of Washington. The information provided by this study shows that even though male and female population all over the world live ten years longer, they go through more illnesses and injuries. Even though there is a of the decrease in death from infectious diseases and malnutrition over the past 20 years, eight million people died from cancer in 2010. The New York Times stated that this is 38% more compared to 1990 and now two out of three death cases all over the world are because of cancer.

When all advanced countries’ population was compared in the survey it turned out that American women did not get a significant increase in life expectancy within the period from 1990-2010. Cyprus female inhabitants gained 2.3 years and women in Canada gained 2.4 years. American women used to be on the twenty second place in this chart in 1990 and now rapidly moved to thirty-sixth.

The NEM Stress Response’s Effect on the World’s Life Expectancy

Although aging, and the decline of physical health that comes along with it, has for the most part been thought of as inevitable, we are now coming to understand that there are things one can do to slow down biological aging and increase health and vitality as we age.

Chronic degenerative diseases that often accompany aging can be deterred, reversed or cured. In fact, researchers on the frontlines of anti-aging medicine are convinced that life expectancy and aging are actually much more affected by lifestyle than by genetics.

So what does that mean?

Living a healthy lifestyle and managing stress are crucial for a longer, healthier and more productive life.

Stress plays a key role in our health and longevity. This has been proving more and more true with research. And understanding how stress affects our bodies will make this even clearer.

The NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) stress response is made up of six circuits: the hormonal, metabolic, neuro-affective, cardionomic, inflammatory and detoxification – they collectively form the body’s overall response to stress.

Unhealthy diets, stress, smoking, certain medications, illnesses and a sedentary lifestyle can all cause imbalances in these NEM circuits. These stressors are then processed through the individual’s genetic dispositions as well.

For example, let’s say that your diet is the Standard American Diet – very high in fat and low in fiber. After eating this way for years, and being exposed to toxins or illnesses, your GI tract’s functionality is compromised and you may develop an inflammatory condition. This can eventually lead to a GI tract disorder or even colon cancer.

Obesity, which is alarmingly high among those following this diet, is another a risk factor for illnesses and cancer.

And to counter the stress put on your body from this diet and the problems it causes, the NEM stress response kicks into gear. The adrenal glands, which are part of the stress response, produce cortisol, the body’s main anti-stress hormone.

The world's life expectancy can be increased if more people stay fitBut if your body is caught in a repetitive stress response because the stressor has not been removed, the workload of the NEM will eventually cause dysregulation in the different circuits. This can then weaken adrenal glands, causing Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) with its own set of problems.

This cycle not only causes a lot of suffering and exhaustion, but it can open you up to other illnesses, causing a sharp decline in the quality of life and even shortening your life expectancy.

That is why it is very important to implement changes to diet, lifestyle and take care of stress as best as possible.

And if you find yourself suffering from AFS, with its symptoms of tiredness, brain fog, weight problems and sleep disturbances, it is highly recommended that you take the necessary steps towards recovery. This includes making sure you get enough rest and sleep, getting dietary coaching, using the right kind of adrenal exercises and learning stress-relief techniques.

A Final Word on the World’s Life Expectancy

Christopher Murray who is the head of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation stated in front of the New York Times that he is shocked about this tendency concerning American female population. There is a sound reason for this and it lies in the higher overweight indicators and higher smoking rate among American females. This information was also presented in The Lancet. The fact that women in the States are more obese and that they developed the smoking addiction later than men is the basis why the world’s life expectancy is so low.


Worlds life expectancy vs US life expectancy