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Seldom are physicians privileged to witness the dawn of a new medical specialty that we ourselves are the patients. The dawn of anti-aging medicine as a medical specialty offers us such an opportunity, which we experienced first hand in the past decade.

In addition to years of clinical study and research, we as anti-aging physician live through what it is like to follow recommendations that we prescribe to our patients. This is one medical specialty that we have to do what we preach.

After years of guiding our patients and seeing what works the best to deter the aging process, we are able to distill the essence of a comprehensive anti-aging program into five distinct pillars - nutritional supplementation, hormonal enhancement, exercise, diet, and stress reduction.

These are the five proven secrets to longevity. They are proven because there is no doubt that each of these pillars can extend lifespan if done properly. Yet they are secrets in that few know the detail on what to do for anti-aging purposes and not simply wellness and feeling good.

To stay well and healthy is good. To be able to reverse disease and rejuvenate the body to become younger requires a new level of sophistication above and beyond the normal dose of antioxidants, the occasional diet, or what you think you may know about how to exercise.

The real secret lies in understand the detail of each pillar in its anti-aging effect . Many know that exercise enhance cardiac function, but not many know that properly done exercise can boost growth hormone release. Many may know about vitamin C, but how many knows the optimum dose for anti-aging?

Knowing the detail of each secret is the key to longevity. This book will give you the details. You will be fully equipped on what to do, how to do, and what to expect.

Longevity is seventy percent based on lifestyle that you can do something about and only thirty percent based on genetics which is beyond our control today. Knowing exactly what to do about the seventy percent is what this book is all about. While it may not guarantee you a life free of illness, it will take care of seventy percent of common age related degenerative illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Since eighty percent of us will die of stroke, cancer, and heart disease, following the five pillars of anti-aging will maximize your chances of longevity. The logic is simple enough; the know-how is explained in detail. All you have to do is to follow instructions to a longer life.

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