Are You Type A? A Competitive Personality?

People with a Type A, competitive personalityHave you ever wondered why some people can climb the ladder, while others can only dream about doing so? People possess different individual characteristics and behaviors. Type A people have a unique personality. A competitive personality. Generally, they are referred to as leaders, for their many high rated characteristics. Some of their behaviors are; always being decisive as they are fast decision makers, self dependent whereby they do not like relying on other people to solve their problems, self motivated in whatever they do, and they are usually efficient. Think of all the positive and active characters, they possess in them. The reason why they possess such behavioral characteristics is believed to be their reaction to the environment they are in. Their culture is the main factor that influences them. Therefore, if it is a learning culture, they take it positively and become the best learned people.

What would you expect from people who have a competitive personality type? They are among the few individual types that achieve ultimate success. This is not something that comes so easily to any person as it requires commitment, determination, and hard work to achieve. That is true with these people since they work so hard in life and are very determined. Rarely would a type A person entertain nonsense or even take a slight joke as they are characterized by seriousness in important matters to make their life better. They are always in front in any field. They have those characteristics that make them win; are able to multitask in whatever they do and they are goal oriented. These are common with entrepreneurs and politicians as they have the desire to achieve with a hard working nature. The end result as everyone would expect is that they become prosperous in life which is ultimately true.

Type A Individuals

As much as a type A person is considered to be an achiever in their lifetime, it does not always come to happen. Their competitive personality is associated with many drawbacks that eventually limit some of them leading to their failure. They have many weaknesses, just like their positive traits that make them less likely to succeed in life. The major key factors here are aggressiveness and being uncontrollable. These individuals force things out and they do not want to be told otherwise, as they believe they know better than anybody. They are workaholics that could even starve to keep working to achieve what they want and usually they are impatient. Relaxed individuals however would be in a position to deal with any limiting factors and eventually make their dreams come true. People should therefore understand themselves and the environment, and adjust accordingly to live with others at the same time looking means to survive.

The Competitive Personality, Stress, and AFS

People with Type A or competitive personalities, push themselves to get more and more done in less and less time. They are driven to perform better and better. They appear to have significant hostility, even though it may be internal. In itself, their competitive personality is a source of stress.

Competitive personality linked to heart diseaseResearch shows people with this kind of competitive personality have a higher incidence of high blood pressure, ulcers, and heart disease. It appears to be the internal state of hostility that is a strong indicator of heart disease developing. In at least one study, 70% of the type A participants developed heart disease. Other research suggests type A or competitive personalities are more likely to have their stress response triggered than others. This suggests they may experience stress more acutely than those with other personality types. And feel the effects of stress at a higher level than others.

Competitive personalities may be more sensitive to the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis stimulation in stress situations. This HPA axis is naturally activated under stress, leading to the adrenal glands being prompted to secrete cortisol to fight the effects of stress. More and more stress, as is seen in competitive or Type A personalities, leads eventually to the depletion of the adrenals. Then there is insufficient cortisol available to the body, leading to symptoms of adrenal fatigue syndrome.

Under stressful conditions, the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) model of stress response says the cardionomic response is most affected in Type A personalities. Because of the characteristics of these competitive personalities, this body system is already overly activated. Additional stress will add to the activation, likely leading to heart disease. And, by nature of this personality, more stress will come. Under this NEM model, when this system is attacked by stress, the other systems of the body will also be affected detrimentally.

People with a Type A, competitive personality


  • Rudy Crane says:

    Are your clients typically a type A person ? Can being this type of person lead to AFS quicker then a type B ?

    • Dr.Lam says:

      High achievers and self driven people tend to be more prone to exhaust their adrenal reserves.

      Dr Lam