Food Myth Busters

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Fact or fiction? There are many myths about comparing certain types of food. Coffee is not dehydrating even though it does make one go to the bathroom more often. Seasalt and table salt has the same amount of nutrition. Refined forms of both of them are made of the same compound: NaCl.

Whole Wheat is a type of Whole Grain-which means that it has all parts of the grain and is more fibrous. Eating both types is still healthier than eating refined white bread. Brown sugar has the same nutritional value as white sugar; it just has molasses added to it. Organic milk has the same amount of nutrition as regular milk, but it is better to drink organic milk to avoid hormones and added antibiotics. Drinking water is healthy, but don’t overdo it. Cravings are not a sign of deficiency in certain nutrients. They might be signs of hormonal or blood sugar imbalances.