Glutathione Benefits: From Exercising To Liver Health

Glutathione benefits and exerciseWhether you’re a hardcore athlete, or just like to exercise for your health, you may find exercise fatigue putting a damper on your activities. A new study shows that glutathione benefits may be able to help.

Glutathione benefits are mostly from its action as an antioxidant that functions by recycling other antioxidants, including vitamins C and E. It’s been referred to as the body’s “master antioxidant” and may increase the time you can stay active. The more glutathione you have in your system, the longer you can exercise without getting tired. The Journal of Applied Psychology has published more than 200 separate studies on the effects of glutathione on exercise. All of these studies have shown glutathione improves recovery after strenuous exercise.

Researchers from Kyoto Prefectural University in Japan studied the effects of glutathione on the muscles of mice and discovered that the antioxidant maintained pH levels, inhibiting the acidification that frequently occurs during exercise. The researchers also found that sedentary animals that received the glutathione supplements increased the amount of mitochondrial DNA in the skeletal muscle.

The researchers conducted follow up research on 8 healthy men, each of which underwent exercise tests. The men were randomly assigned to receive either 1 gram of glutathione or a placebo every day for two weeks. Those who received the glutathione supplements had less lactate and were less fatigued than those who received the placebo.

Another study from 1998 found that an increased glutathione level lowers oxidative stress that occurs in the muscles during strenuous workouts. This study showed that supplementing with glutathione improved the amount of power demonstrated by study participants.

An additional study conducted later showed that trained athletes improved their gains during extended exercise when they had more of the antioxidant in their bodies. One other study found that supplementing with glutathione prior to exercise improved both the respiratory muscles and the muscles of the limbs, as well as increasing the time the subjects were able to continue exercising.

Glutathione benefits and Adrenal FatigueRegardless of the details of the study, they all seem to agree that no matter whether you’re a dedicated athlete, a weekend warrior, or just trying to increase your activity levels, supplementing with glutathione can improve your performance and allow you to recover more quickly after exercise.

Glutathione is produced by all of the cells, but is found in especially high concentrations in liver, kidneys, lungs, nerves, and eyes. Eating a healthy, nutrient dense diet will help your body produce more of its own glutathione.

Dr Lam’s Perspective On Glutathione Benefits

Glutathione is one of the most useful nutrients in Adrenal Fatigue recovery, and for good reasons. In addition to being the master recycler, it acts as a gentle detoxifying agent for the liver and the intracellular space of each cell. Vitamin C, for example, is an excellent extracellular antioxidant. It cannot, however, cross the cell wall. Glutathione, an important adrenal fatigue supplement, can cross with ease. Also, glutathione benefits include helping with methylation problems and is even gentle enough at the right dose not to trigger adrenal crashes.

Proper supplementation without triggering adrenal crashes is one of the most difficult challenges when navigating Adrenal Fatigue recovery. The level of stress that has pushed the body into Adrenal Fatigue has caused dysregulation of the body’s stress response systems. The body’s
NeuroEndoMetabolic Stress Response? has functional circuits throughout the entire body, encompassing both neuroendocrine and metabolic systems. The proper functioning of the body’s metabolism is critical to be able to process nutritional supplements, so the dysregulation of the metabolic components of the NEM system is a significant hurdle to delivering nutrition to help heal the body.

Glutathione benefits from a balanced dietGlutathione is already produced by the body itself, and therefore is much gentler and easier to process by the body’s metabolism. At the right dose, taking glutathione supplements is not as taxing to the body’s metabolic processes as most other nutritional supplements. This helps to lower the chances of triggering adrenal crashes and retarding recovery. Because of this property, glutathione benefits can be a potent weapon in the Adrenal Fatigue recovery arsenal.

The key to proper administration of glutathione rests with the delivery system and dosage. Many with AFS are very sensitive and may not be able to tolerate much glutathione. Improper dosage can further congest the liver, leading to brain fog and further fatigue.

Source: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (2015)

Glutathione benefits and Adrenal Fatigue
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Dear Dr Lam,
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I am very grateful for your care and your willingness to help. You are the Angel that I have been praying for!
All of your comments resonate with me. I will take the time to read the 2 articles that you have referred to in order to better understand my present situation. I purchased your book in hard copy as soon as I came across your website last week. I'm looking forward to receiving this in the post and starting to learn more.
God Bless you.


  • Xavior Clementien says:

    what type of Vitamin C should i take with glutathion ? I want to make sure that I am taking the best Vit C to compliment with the glutathion.

    • Dr. Lam says:

      Take my Liponano C along with Liponano Glutathione currently is a good option. Both are liquids and easy to be diluted in juice and water.

      Dr Lam

  • Elizabeth Todd says:

    How do we determine the proper delivery system and dosage for glutathione?

    • Dr. Lam says:

      There is really no “good” dosage because everyone is different. IV delivery system is best, but not everyone have access to it. Those who are strong can take up to 1000-2000 mg IV easily and feel no difference. Those who have Parksinsons Disease and other neurological condition usually have amazing results by IV. For oral dosage, one serving of the liponano delivery system is 280 mg and you can take many servings if you have no diarrhea. Remember that the bioavailability is very high so you do not need as much on a mg to mg basis compare to taking precursors. I personally take it daily. Start with recommeded dosage on the bottle. Take it straight or diluted in water to reduce the sulfur smell which is normal. Those with advance adrenal fatigue, however, have to be careful as they may not do well and in fact can crash if the dosage is not properly titrated because they are weak internally.

      Dr Lam

  • Joanne says:

    Is there the equivalent product available in the UK please? And /or If not, is there a food-based way of getting at least some if this into our system?

  • Adriane says:

    I’ve learned that the S-acetyl-glutathione form is stable to take orally and will pass thru the GI tract intact and enter cells.

  • Nancy gowins says:

    Please re mail me the newsletter on foods to eat and avoid for adrenal fatigue. Thank you

  • Holly says:

    What is the best way to get Glutathione into the body? Supplements, precoursors, IV?

    • Dr. Lam says:

      The best way by far is IV slow push after diluting. This you do in a doctor’s office, along with vitamin C drip. The next best form is liposomal form that is properly formulated, such as my Liponano Glutathione.
      Precursors such as NAC orally or Lipoic Acid are ok if you have no choice as there is tremendous breakdown in the gastric system.

      Dr Lam.

  • Russell Wilson says:

    Dr. Lam, what about Milk Thistle? Any benefits in taking this regarding glutathione levels?

    • Dr. Lam says:

      Milk Thistle is good and clinically proven. It does not help glutathione level but does help the liver. The best form is Fermented form called, such as Fermented Liver Rebuilder. as it is many more time the efficacy and easy to take orally as a liquid.

      Dr Lam

  • Steve Sappol says:

    My understanding from much research indicates glutahione can’t be absorbed by pill form in the human body. If you want to increase glutahione levels one must take a precursor like N-Acetyl Cysteine and Alpha Lipoic Acid



    • Dr. Lam says:

      You are right. The problem with oral precursors is that they are broken down largely by the stomach and thus the net flow thru to glutathione is minimal. In the years prior, we have little choice so the oral precursors are the only ways. Now with Liposomal delivery system, we can deliver glutathione orally with close to IV effectiveness. There are multiple forms on the market. Do be careful because capsules dont work well, and lipsosomes using sunflower oil tend to separate easily so the glutathione fragility is increased. Also be careful with any preservative using alcohol for those with AFS due to liver issues.

      Dr Lam

      Dr Lam.

  • Joanna says:

    Why give us this info. without telling us a beginning dose?

  • Janice Pacifico says:

    I was not diagnosed with AF however,I do have autoimmune thyroid,i’m on 88mglevothyroxide…….I am just recovering from stage 1 breast cancer,finished 33 treatments of radiation……Is it safe for me to take a supplement of glutathione reduced of 500 mill…..I feel I have adrenal stress.No md addresses this mater….Can you advise thank you.JPacifico

    • Dr. Lam says:

      Glutathione is excellent for general body support, especially if you have a weak body from fighting cancer. The key is the right delivery system because most of it will be broken down in the stomach otherwise. Before the days of liponano delivery system, we have to use IV. Now you can take the liquid form orally. Bear in mind it does smell like rotten egg but you can dilute it. Here is the link.

      Dr Lam

  • heidi says:

    so for someone with severe adrenal fatigue, what is a good dosage to begin with? thx.

    • Dr. Lam says:

      One teaspoon of Liponano Glutathione ( available at ) contains 280 mg and that is a good beginning.

      Dr Lam