Meniere’s Disease

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

A woman suffering from Meniere's diseaseThe exact cause of Meniere’s Disease is not known, but many in the field of natural medicine feel that it is a result of metabolic imbalance caused by a disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, like that associated with hypoglycemia. Another possible cause is impaired blood flow to the brain from clogged arteries and poor circulation. This is less likely, as often times Meniere’s Disease occur in young people with no significant cardiovascular disease symptoms. Allergies, stress, spasms of blood vessel and excessive salt intake leading to fluid retention may contribute to this condition, especially during premenstrual period. Trauma, infection and temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) may also be involved. Obesity, alcohol use, smoking, and high blood cholesterol may contribute to this disease.

Nutrients that are essential for this condition are Manganese (5 mg a day to be taken separately from calcium). Also important are chromium (200 µg a day), CoQ10 (100 mg a day), and small amount of niacin (not exceeding 100 mg a day) to improve circulation. Herbs such as butcher’s broom combats fluid retention and improves circulation. Gingko biloba improves circulation as well.

From a diet perspective, try a hypoglycemic diet for 2 weeks, and refrain from any fried food, excessive salt, and sugar. Caffeine (such as coffee) should be restricted. Some people with this condition also have a high blood insulin level. Some doctors therefore recommend a diet of high-protein and low-refined sugar.

Natural ways work slowly. During the acute phase, there are anti-dizzy drugs that your medical doctor can prescribe to help relief some of the symptoms.

A woman suffering from Meniere's disease