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By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

The health benefits in Yogurt can be altered by processing There is little doubt that bacteria in yogurt are useful for this and many other purposes.

It should be noted that there are problems with yogurst also. First, there are chemicals and hormones added to the milk that the yogurts are made from. Furthermore, there are complications of pasteurization and homogenization, both of which seriously damage and changes the structure of the milk proteins, even if the milk is organic in origin. Those who are eating yogurts with artificial color or flavor would have to contend with these additives. This could be avoided if plain yogurt is used.

Yogurt can also be made from raw milk, in which case the allergy issue is perhaps the remaining big issue to overcome. The best yogurt is that made from organic raw milk plain yogurt given to someone who had not consumed milk regularly.


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