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Adrenal Fatigue Diet


1) Eat before 10:00 a.m.
2) Eat frequent, small meals: 6-8 am (breakfast), 12 noon (lunch), Snacks - 10am, 3pm and Bedtime
3) Eat 10-20% whole grains, 30-40% vegetables (50% should be raw), 10-20% beans & legumes, 20-30% animal foods, 20-30% fats, nuts & seeds, 10-15% whole fruits
Banana, dried figs, raisins, dates, oranges, grapefruit High in potassium - make adrenal fatigue worse
Fruit and juices in the morning High in potassium and fructose.
Refined flour products: pasta, white rice, bread, pastry, baked goods Drop blood sugar fast, robbed of nutrients
Honey, sugar, syrups, soft drinks Drop blood sugar too fast in one hour
Dried fruits, fruit juices Most detrimental food early in the day - drop blood sugar too fast
coffee, tea, black tea, hot chocolate, alcohol, colas, chocolates Drop blood sugar too fast in one hour
Avoid Foods you are Addicted to or Allergic or Sensitive to These foods cause more stress on your body.
Avoid fruits for breakfast Raise and drop blood sugar fast
Avoid rushed and hectic meals Create more stress for your body.
Avoid deep-frying and browning; hydrogenated oils Transfat
Most Beneficial
Eat before 10am Replenish waning glycogen supply
Eat frequent small meals Coast through low energy time
Bedtime Snack (use soaked raw nuts) Help to have more peaceful sleep.
Combine fat, protein and whole grains at every meal and snack. Provide a steady source of energy over a longer period of time
Mix 1-2 tbsp essential oils into grains, veg, and meats daily  
Good quality protein (meat, fish, fowl, eggs, dairy), legumes) Provide good protein and fats
Take digestive enzymes and HCL with meals Help to properly break down protein and high fiber foods in the stomach
Eat 6-8 servings of a wide variety of bright colored vegetables You will not gain weight; provide vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants which are crucial for optimal health.
Sprouts High quality concentrated nutrients
Sea vegetables Rich in trace minerals, good quality vegetable protein, easily digested.
Monounsaturated fats used for low heat cooking, put a little water in the pan before the oil to keep the oil from getting too hot
Fresh and Raw nuts & seeds (soaked in water) - store in freezer Good source of essential fatty acids
Acceptable - take in moderation
Whole unrefined grains provide sustained energy and nutrients
Caution: take it easy as breakfast food. Some people may need to avoid for breakfast.
Limited intake of fruits: Papaya, mango, plums, pears, kiwi, apples, few grapes, cherries  
Polyunsaturated fats (corn, safflower, sunflower, peanut oil) Never cook with this oil, add after the food is cooked. Provide essential fatty acids

©2004 Michael Lam, MD.

5 stars - "Thank you" Thank you. An honest response. You are certainly no quack - congratulations for your work in the alternative field. It is certainly hard to find a mainstream medical doctor who knows anything alternative. Even chiropractors have been labeled quacks. Things are changing for the better. Live long, and prosper, Dr Lam. I will continue to refer to your site for quality information.

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