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Dr Lam's Personal Dietary Protocol

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Many of you wanted to know what my dietary regiment is.

Breakfast: I take a nutritious smoothie. It's fast, easy, and filling. It energizes me through lunch time. Key ingredients are almonds, walnuts, flax seed, avocado, berries, raw milk, filtered water, coconut flakes, and a whole fruit. This smoothie is suitable for all age groups, but if you are following the Blood Type Diet, you need to avoid or substitute the food that is not allowed for your Blood Type. Click here for the complete recipe:

Lunch and Dinner: Lunch is light and simple. It usually consists of a salad with some protein. The source of protein could be nuts, fish, chicken, or beef. Dinner is about the same as lunch, though I tend to take more soup and less protein, so it's lighter than lunch.

How do I decide what to take?

I use a 3-step approach in deciding what, and how much to take.

  1. Blood Type Diet: I use the blood type diet as a guide on the general categories of food to take and to avoid. I find that the blood type diet works well most of the time and you don't have to be very straight.

    For example, type O do well with more proteins, type A do well with more vegetables, type B are balanced omnivore, while type AB should have a mix diet in moderation. Click Here for detail discussion on blood type diet.

  2. Food Choice Table: Next, I pick specific food out of my Food Choice Table. I am very strict with this. In vegetables, I try to avoid most tubers such as potato because of its high glycemic index. I avoid banana and watermelon because they are both high in sugar. I don't take fruit juices or peanuts, but I do take butter, lots of eggs, and legumes. My food choice table is applicable to all blood types.

    For example, blood type O should take in more protein. I will choose legumes, nuts, deep water fish, organic eggs, and lamb. I would avoid peanuts, coastal fish, red meats, dairy and shellfish. The reasons are detailed in the food choice table.

  3. Anti-aging Food Pyramid: As far as the ratio of each food relative to another food, their volume and frequency, I follow the Anti-aging Food Pyramid.

    Click on a section above to read more about the item

Additional Notes:

  1. I try to rotate my food so I don't eat the same food not more than once every four days to minimize allergies
  2. I drink water with a few slices of lemon to alkalize my body. No coffee. Herbal tea only.
  3. I do eat some ice cream from time to time to enjoy my life.
  4. I take my supplements.
  5. I take my breakfast around 7 am, lunch at 12 , and dinner at 6 pm

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