Setting Life Goals Gives Stress A Purpose

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

Setting life goals is important when aiming to be happyHave you ever considered where you want to be in your personal or professional life after five years? Do you know your primary targets that you want to commit yourself to? Setting life goals – besides giving you a sense of mission and purpose – help you live your life to the fullest. When you invest your time and energy to set and achieve goals, you make sure that all your efforts are geared towards making the most of every single moment. This is when you experience utter happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

Do you know what are you working for? Or how your aspirations can help you get your dream life? Read on to learn how you can avoid stumbling through life by setting specific, focused goals:

When Setting Life Goals – No Excuses, Only Results

When you are committed to a specific object, you don’t accept any excuses and strive to get the optimal results. You take charge and decide the right direction for your life. Identifying what you want gives you a chance to determine whether or not you are on the right track. Whether it is your professional career, personal life, or close relationships, it is imperative to plan your steps to achieve your purpose. Your strategy is a practical road map that enables you to follow the best course.

Stay Focused, Stay on Track

Goals drive you forward and make insurmountable peaks convenient for you. When your mind is set to a certain objective, you get energized to get the task done. Having defined targets that you can visualize and concentrate on helps you determine your inner desires. They also provide you with inspiration you need to get through certain phases where your motivation may inevitably begin to wane.

Setting Life Goals Triggers a Sense of Purpose

Goals not only help you determine your life’s purpose and direction, but also give you a benchmark to gauge your success level. You constantly assess your goals to gain the benefit of self-reflection and introspection. A clear sense of direction can help you learn a lot about the unexplored aspects of your own personality. There is no instant fix to accomplishing your objectives. So believe in yourself and aim for things that you never considered possible.

Stay motivated even after that initial burst of interest and passion is over. Keep your eyes wide open and focused on your goals. Unleash the power of goal setting to become a happier you. Commit yourself to your targets to celebrate the ultimate success!

Setting Life Goals Helps Relieve Stress

Stress is probably one of the greatest health problems as it leads to a number of physical and psychological health complications, including anxiety and depression, heart problems, obesity, and diabetes, to name but a few.
Stress of any sort automatically activates the body’s stress response, helping you to stay focused and ready to take action. This is commonly known as the fight or flight response. During this response, the body automatically releases cortisol and adrenaline, which, for short periods, helps the body to cope with the situation at hand. This is not a bad reaction. In fact, it is necessary, as it keeps you on your toes and prepared to take action.

Setting life goals with short-term goalsProlonged stress, however, keeps the body in this constant state of alertness, producing more and more cortisol and adrenaline until it starts impacting you negatively. You start having sleeping problems, besides being stressed out develop anxiety or even depression, your heart starts beating erratically for no apparent reason, you have problems with sleeping, you might develop insulin resistance or even diabetes, or start gaining weight for absolutely no apparent reason. These are only a few of the myriad consequences of prolonged stress.

When you set life goals, you are taking active steps to manage your stress. Goal setting requires you to set a goal and then plan how you are going to achieve it. This is usually by means of setting smaller goals on which you focus until such time as the main goal is achieved. By breaking up your goal into smaller, bite sized pieces on which you can concentrate on individually, you not only make the larger goal more manageable, but you reduce your stress factor immensely. The consequences to your body are amazing: your blood pressure drops, your anxiety levels decrease, you are more relaxed, you sleep better, and probably find the weight you gained starts dropping off. In short, the impact of goal setting has a system wide impact on your general health and well-being.
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Setting life goals is important when aiming to be happy
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