Shaping Behavior Patterns

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

Shaping behavior takes effortBehavior. It’s a term that describes the way we act and/or conduct ourselves. Behaviors are the actions that we make, relating to ourselves or the actions we make around others. Shaping behavior is the act of making changes to specific habits.

How we act affects the way other people may think about us as people. Thanks to this, the way we act – our behaviors – are an important constant throughout our daily lives.

People act even when they’re not thinking of acting. That notion is the precise essence of behaviors as a concept. People react. They carefully weigh different situations, while others impulsively choose to move forward. You can start shaping behavior by being conscious of your actions.

No matter how someone responds to a situation, that reaction is the essence of behavior in our world.

Can You Change Your Behavior?

There are good behaviors—the types of behaviors that make people appear good. These behaviors help build foundations in interpersonal relationships. As a result, these foundations help foster positive feelings and behaviors in a wide variety of people.

Bad behaviors, however, perform the opposite. They separate people and make people dislike each other. They also negatively affect how people perceive each other. When a person acts upon bad behaviors, they’re reinforcing something that’s wholly detrimental to their lives.

Bad behaviors can be corrected, however.

Change Your Bad Behavior – The Positive Way

Bad behaviors negatively impact our lives—sometimes to the point of no return. Though, there are ways to further correct bad behaviors. It first starts with acknowledging the problems that cause those bad behaviors and finding ways to fix it.

What You Can Do To Start Shaping Behavior?

People can’t change their personalities, but they can change how bad behaviors become assimilated in their lives. Most bad behaviors form out of a controlled or unconscious issues that eventually bleeds into each aspect of their life.

Thanks to this, it takes a lot of time to get rid of such behaviors. At the same time, it’s possible to correct bad behaviors with patience, practice and control.

Patience – It takes time to understand why you’re engaging in bad behaviors. The key to figuring that out merely involves examining why and where they originated. It may take weeks or months to understand, but it’s the best way to learn.

Practice – It takes practice to change your behaviors. No one gets ‘it’ right the first time, after all. Changing your bad behaviors is as easy as changing your habits, a process that’s pretty much ongoing as you live your life.

Control – It takes a lot of effort to control your bad behaviors. Any type of bad habit is going to be difficult to stop, but it’s possible to rid completely if you take time to control yourself. Always take the time to control yourself—and you’ll soon understand why you react in certain ways.

Shaping Behavior and NEM Stress Response

The NeuroEndoMetabolic Stress ResponseSM is the control center through which our bodies react to stress. A normally functioning system can respond admirably to outside stressors to help keep us safe and out of dangerous situations. The problem arises when our stress levels are so high that our bodies can no longer respond with appropriately functioning systems. This leads to a variety of health issues from depression to chronic pain.

One of the areas which is hardest hit by elevated stress levels are our adrenal glands. Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) takes place when our bodies are under so much stress that they can no longer respond by producing appropriate levels of hormones to help us respond effectively when new stresses are introduced. Because of this, one of the variables that we can all take an active role in controlling is our behavior.

Good Situations and AFS Recovery

Shaping behavior and patienceThere will never be a shortage of things to worry about, relationships that aren’t perfect, and demanding schedules that seem impossible to maintain. When trying to return your life to a proper balance of work, family, and taking care of yourself, shaping your behavior is an invaluable tool.

Whenever you enter into a new situation where you can see your stress levels elevating, remove yourself and limit your exposure to the surrounding negativity. When you do this, you are lessening the burden that your body’s NEM Stress Response and adrenal glands are experiencing. This is very important because, when you start to lower you stress exposure, you can begin to respond appropriately when the large and unavoidable stressors come your way.

Your body should be better prepared and nourished so that you can respond and react to stress like a champion. Incorporating a behavior shaping plan as part of your AFS recovery is as essential as exercise and diet.

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