Stress Facts: Sources of Stress You Must Avoid

Stress facts and extreme fatigue causesIf I were to ask you what stresses you out you would probably list some of your major worries. While these things are stressful, a lot of the stress in your life comes from the little things that you don’t really think about. Here are eight stress facts that you may not realize.

1. Doubts

We get stressed out any time we perceive a threat, whether the threat is real or imagined. Any doubt in your mind can add to your stress levels. Even when things are going well, if you start thinking that something can go wrong at any moment, it’s hard to let your guard down and relax. Some common doubts that may be adding to your stress levels include uncertainty over financial matters, health, or relationships.

2. Distraction

Distracting yourself can give you a break from a stressful situation, or it can keep you so preoccupied that it’s difficult to enjoy the moment. Mindfulness can help your brain refresh and lower stress levels at the same time. Going for a walk and focusing on your surroundings can cause stress and anxiety to fade away.

3. Expectations

Things rarely go quite exactly the way we plan them. When things don’t go as planned it’s easy to get upset, but this only increases stress levels and leads to a pessimistic mindset. Your stress levels are directly proportionate to your attachment to expectations. That’s not to say you shouldn’t set big goals or settle, simply be realistic and be prepared to adapt.

4. Caffeine

Stress Facts: Using caffeine and other stimulants to prop up the body masks the way stress can be part of some extreme fatigue causesYou know you should cut back on the coffee during times of stress, but it’s easy to forget about other potential sources of caffeine. Tea and dark chocolate, especially in excess, can contain just about at the same caffeine as a cup of coffee, and have the same impact on your stress levels.

5. Sports

Watching the game with friends can be a really good time, especially when your team wins. However, the brain and body do not distinguish between good stress facts and bad stress facts. Watching the game can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system causing adrenaline to course through the bloodstream and reduce the blood flowing to the heart. For the most part, this does not need to be a concern. However, when you had alcohol and junk food, you may be affecting your body more than you realize.

6. Gadgets

Technology has become increasingly invasive, to the point where it seems we are permanently attached to our gadgets, which is taking huge tolls, both physically and mentally. Using digital devices near bedtime can contribute to sleep disorders, while socializing virtually can make face-to-face interactions more difficult. Smart phones and other devices also keep people tied to their jobs seemingly around-the-clock. It is so easy to decide to check email while on vacation and get so caught up that you end up doing more work than vacationing.

7. Household Chores

For some people folding laundry or doing dishes can be an almost meditative experience. When you find yourself doing the lion’s share of the work, even chores you enjoy can cause you to feel resentful. Coming to an agreement on household responsibilities can be difficult, but is important.

8. Pets

Studies have shown that petting a furry animal, or watching fish swim around to tank, can be soothing. However, pets require a lot of work from feeding and cleaning up after, to exercising and attention. If your pet is ill, it requires even more work. In addition, it’s easy to underestimate how stressful the loss of a pet can be.

Stress Facts and Dr Lam’s Adrenal Fatigue Perspective

Stress facts: How gadgets affect your healthNever before in human civilization has stress been a more prevalent cause of broken families and destruction of careers. We used to think of extreme fatigue causes being related to physical trauma. Now the primary cause of fatigue is stress. Fatigue is simply a symptom of a body that has “run out of steam”. The adrenal glands are the primary organs regulating our energy flow through its control of over 50 hormones. When stress is overwhelming, our adrenal gland becomes overworked and fatigue sets in. In severe cases, adrenal crashes occur, leading many into a state of being bedridden. There are over 75 signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Some are subtle like central obesity, and others are obvious like afternoon slump. The liver is often congested and involved. Ultimately, each one of us has to be able to ask and gauge our own stress-handling ability. Set limits and boundaries. The body has good self-healing abilities. When you give the body the proper rest and nutrients to self-repair, the body will reward you tremendously with a vibrant and healthy life – something you deserve.

Stress facts


  • Lisa says:

    What do you do when you can’t avoid the stress?

    • Dr.Lam says:

      That a good question, and I wish I have a better answer than to say “do your best”. Strengthen the body with nutritional supplements often is helpful if know how to do it.