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Nutritional Prevention of Cancer
Cypress Systems founder Paul Willis details a study by the National Cancer Institute that proved nutrition can prevent cancer.

Pregnant Women Need To Replenish Essential Fatty Acids
Babies usually take up all of their Mother's Fatty Acids. Therefore, it is important for the mother to replenish her stores, especially if she plans to have another child.

Calcium Overload and Cognitive Impairment
Calcium builds up in the brain as people age. This oversupply of calcium can lead to cognitive damage.

Beware of Mercury Poisoning
Be careful of the fish you eat and the amalgam and fillings that your dentist gives you.

Using Herbs as Food and Medicine
Herbs should be used as a natural food source as well as a type of supplement.

Benefits of Digestive Enzymes
When does one take these enzymes?

Beware of the radiation that your cellphone gives out.

Avoid Inflammatory Ingredients To Optimize Joint Health
Stop the fatty meats and soda drinks.

Importance of A Good Night's Sleep
Learn how to get a good restful sleep pattern.

How To Prepare A Tasty Salad
Here are some good ideas of how to make a balanced and healthy salad.

Nutrition Deficiencies Common with Prescriptions
Replenish your body with supplements after you take prescription drugs.

The Greatest Medical Hoax in the History of the World
Drug companies mislead us as statin drugs are not proven to have any real benefit.

Coconut Oil: Natural Antiviral and Antibacterial
Instead of using drugs to kill your bacteria or viruses, use the natural coconut oil to get rid of them.

Yogurt Is Not A Good Source Of Probiotic
Here is to smashing the myth about yogurt and its supposed high potency of probiotic.

Nutrition And Mental Health
Eat healthy to protect your brain!

You Can Still Get Osteoporosis, even when Taking Calcium
Calcium itself might not help that much, but taking Vitamin D and K with it will boost benefits.

How To Do The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush
If you have problems with stones in your liver or gallbladder, follow this procedure to help flush them out!

Humans Are Not Made to Eat Meat
How would you compare yourself to a cat? What are the differences that allow a cat to eat meat naturally?

Cat's Claw as an Anti-Inflammatory
Cat's Claw has many use: pain reducer, enhance GI, anti-inflammatory, immune system modulator, tumor inihibitor etc.

Estrogen and Endometriosis
How does estrogen play a role in endometriosis?

Foods that Promote Brain Health
What are certain types of food that are high in saturated fat?

Effects of Hypohydration
Guard against dehydration by drinking lots of fluid.

Migraines Caused By Food
Where do your headaches come from?

4 Steps To Lose Weight
Here are some tips on how to change yourself through weight management.

Stubborn Belly Fat
Stubborn Belly Fat is actually due to hormonal imbalance!

Health Benefits of Vitamin D
Make sure to take Vitamin D to have strong healthy bones.

How Much Protein Do I Need Everyday?
Here are many factors affecting the amount of protein one should eat a day.

What is Estrogen?
Estrogen is an important hormone that can be crucial to understanding the balance of your body.

Truth About Soy
Contrary to popular belief, there are many harmful effects of Soy.

Hypertension Treatment: Exercise
Exercise is a great way to bring one's high blood pressure down.

Help Patients Use Acetaminophen Safely
Do not overdose on Tylenol, as it can lead to acute liver failure.

Medicinal Mushrooms
Turkey-tail Mushrooms might have cancer-healing properties.

Study Proves Cut the Flab
Constant exercise showed a decrease in cardiovascular disease risk.

Ginger: The Universal Medicine
Ginger has a wide spectrum of use for health.

Special Report: Milk
Why people drink raw milk when so many health professionals do not recommend it.

Centarian Secrets
What does it take to live into your 100s? We'll get the secrets to longevity from the experts themselves… centenarians.

Water-soluble VS. Fat-soluble
High doses of water-soluble Vitamin C might not be too harmful.

Natural Healing for Crohn's Disease
Over 3 million Americans have Crohn's disease. Alternative treatments might provide relief when other medications fail.

Brain Boosters
Find out how different lifestyles to boost your brain.

Eat This, Not That!
There are many meals that are high in calories, sugar, and fat. Try to avoid them!

Estrogen Dominance causes Migraines
So many people suffer migraines for years; it may be related to your hormonal balance.

Fibroid Surgery
A review of myomectomy procedures and other options for treating fibroids.

The Quiet Killer
The #1 silent killer is carbon monoxide.

Listen to Some Fruity Advice
Fruits can actually talk and give you sound advice on their benefits.

Good Tips for a Goodnight's Sleep
A good sleep at night is important for the body to recover and repair.

Staying Fit when on the Road
You don't have to go to the gym to stay fit when you travel. David Kirsch can show you some exercise tips to do in your hotel room.

Big Bellies Linked To Death
A new study shows belly fat is different from other fat, and doubles the risk of premature death.

Soluble Fiber Aids Weight Loss
People who take Soluble fiber can help weight loss and improve their cholesterol level.

Food Myth Buster
Is coffee dehydrating? Is seasalt better than tablesalt?

How to Treat a Child's Cold
Learn the natural remedies to treat a cold rather than using medication.

Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves
Find out what you need to keep on hand in your medicine cabinet for emergency basis.

How To Get Rid Of Hiccups
We all experience hiccups in the most embarrassing moment. There are ways to rid yourself of those pesty hiccups.

Indoor Air Pollution
The air in your house maybe killing you. This affects up to 70% of the population.

Stress Increases Breast Cancer
Lack of sleep, divorce, moving are all stressors that may increase your risk of breast cancer.

Tips For Arthritis
Many suffer arthritis, it doesn’t have to be disable, there are ways to help you be functional.

Pharmacy Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness
Pharmaceutical Industry is not in business to cure, so what are they offering?

Antibacterial Soap May Cause Cancer
Antibacterial Soap may not be as safe for health as you think.

Cleaning Supplies Cause Health Problems
Using common Household cleaning products are found to cause health problems.

Watch Your Own Heart Attack
Watch Your Own Heart Attack! This comical take drives home the point – you don’t want to have one.

Anti-Depression "Stone Age" Remedy
25% of American is depressed. Learn different lifestyle changes that can help improve depression.

The Future of Food
Do you know what you are eating? This musical video drives the point home about genetically modified food that you now may be consuming and not know about.

The Coming Neurological Epidemic
The upcoming neurological epidemic in Alzeimher's Disease and Parkinson's Disease.

How sugar affects our Health, Energy & Weight Loss
There is a decevingly large amount of sugar in everyday products we consume. watch to find out the sugary facts.