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Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Testimonial from Karen

Hi my name is Karen. I'm sixty-two years old. I live in the Wellington National Park on the East Coast of Australia. I would like to share my story and give this testimonial in the hopes of inspiring and giving some hope to those suffering from Adrenal Exhaustion or Adrenal Fatigue. My problems started many years ago, about thirty years ago, when I had chronic fatigue syndrome. I lived with that for many years and had a lot of symptoms throughout my working life. It was probably eight or nine years ago now that I first noticed my symptoms were changing. I did think that these symptoms were related to chronic fatigue at the time and I sort of did not take any notice of the symptoms, I just pushed on regardless which I now know was a big, big mistake. My symptoms started back then with periods of dizziness like I was going to pass out, heart palpitations, I had increased sensitivity to chemicals and sensitivity to drugs - being a nurse, that was difficult. So these symptoms gradually grew worse over the years. I could

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