Does The Position You Sleep In Matter?

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The way you sleep can reveal your personality. Researchers have identified 6 sleeping positions and linked each position to a personality type.

Here are the 6 positions:

  • The Fetus: People who sleep in the fetus position are tough on the outside, but sensitive on the inside. This is the most common sleeping position. Women are twice as likely to sleep in this position as men are.

  • Log: The Log position consists of lying on your side with arms down by your side. people who sleep in this position are social and easy going. They may be gullible and easily trust strangers.

  • The Yearner: This position involves sleeping on their side with both arms in front. These people have an open nature, but can be cynical at times. They take time with their decisions, but aren't likely to change the choices they make.

  • Soldier (8%): Soldiers lie on their back with arms by their side. These people are more quiet and reserved. They have high standards for themselves as well as others.

  • Freefall (7%): The freefall position consists of lying on your front. You hands lie around the pillow and your head is turned to one side. These people are often brash. However, they can be thin-skinned underneath and not appreciate criticism.

  • Starfish (5%): This position entails lying on your back. Your arms are up around the pillow. People finding themselves in this position are usually good listeners and are ready to help when needed. they rather stay away from the lime light as well.

    The freefall position is good for digestion, while the starfish and soldier positions tend to cause snoring. Most people sleep in the same position every night.

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