which I believe indicates my liver is not clearing toxins very well

Q: Hi Dr. Lam… I often have light beige bowel movements, which I believe indicates my liver is not clearing toxins very well… Conversely, on days that I have dark bowel movements, does that mean I am clearing toxins well? Also, what do you think of Epsom salt baths as a means of gentle detox? Are they okay for someone with adrenal fatigue? Thanks again for your help.

A: Liver may be an issue, or it could be due to iron issues, or other issues such as the heme being binded. Without knowing a lot more, it is not possible to be very sure. Certain herbs can also do that, such as wormwood, for example.
Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant, and its use can be beneficial in adrenal fatigue. There is no objective way to say how much to put in. You can always start slow and titrate up in the bathtub. You need to make sure the water is not too hot as those in advance adrenal fatigue cannot tolerate hot water bath well, especially if the soak is long, as a general rule. The best is talk to your doctor prior to starting, as each person is different.
The more advance your adrenal fatigue is, the less detox you should do until your body has rebuilt itself due to the potential of triggering crashes in the detox process. I have seen many getting into trouble with just 5-10 minute sauna, acupuncture, or massages. Epson salt is gentler relatively speaking, but the key is your body and not the modality. So do be careful. Because most of the cases that come to me are quite advance, I need to alert you not to make the same mistakes most people make.
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